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Posted January 09, 2023 in Body Contouring

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As we find ourselves at the start of the new year, the focus for many people is deciding on resolutions to improve their lives. 

And, like all years, one of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to get our bodies back in shape and looking their absolute best. That’s why so many people sign up for start-of-the-year gym memberships

Pad of paper with a 2023 checklist on it sitting on a pink background

However, in addition to getting your sweat on at the gym, plastic surgery procedures can help you achieve those body contouring goals you have for 2023. 

But for many people who know little about cosmetic surgery, the question can often be: “Where do I start?” And that’s because there are so many different plastic surgery options available. 

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve gathered five of the most popular, successful, and transformative cosmetic surgeries below. 

Here, you can find out a little more about each of these surgical procedures, including how they’re performed and how they can help you achieve the body aesthetic to help you feel more confident and comfortable with the way you look, for this year and for years to come!

1. Breast Augmentation 

Many women find themselves frustrated and self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts. One of the reasons for this is that our culture tends to emphasize large and full breasts as the desired aesthetic for women. The good news is that breast augmentation surgery can help you improve the size, shape, and fullness of your breasts so that you can finally have the chest size you’ve always wanted. 

This procedure uses breast implants made of either saline or silicone material to help improve the appearance of the breasts. One of the best aspects of this procedure is that the results are completely customizable to your needs and desires.

During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Boll will help you decide on the breast implant material, size, shape, and texture that will work best for you. During the procedure, Dr. Boll will make an incision either around your areola or along the inframammary fold (the natural crease beneath your breast). Then, Dr. Boll will insert the implant, either beneath or above the pectoral muscle. Once the implant is in place, the incisions will be closed, and you’ll be ready to begin your recovery.

After your breast augmentation, you will have larger, fuller, and more shapely breasts than ever before. 

 2. Liposuction 

Liposuction surgery is one of the most important cosmetic procedures available because it can be used as a standalone surgery or as part of other surgical procedures. No matter a person’s age or lifestyle, most people have pockets of stubborn fat that are resistant to natural diet and exercise. This excess fat can be frustrating and unsightly. Liposuction removes fat from various parts of the body to give you a more sculpted and contoured appearance. 

For this procedure, Dr. Boll will make a small incision in the target area. A cannula (a thin tube) will be inserted through the incision to loosen subcutaneous fat

Once the fat is loose, it is literally suctioned out of your body through the cannula. And once the fat is removed, it is gone permanently, which means that you can have long-lasting results to help you look thinner and more toned than you have in years (or ever!).

3. Tummy Tuck 

Many people find themselves with excess fat and skin around their midsections. Whether as a result of age, lifestyle, or life events (like pregnancy or weight loss), this extra flab around the belly can really affect self-esteem. 

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is one of the most trusted and effective procedures available, and it helps to trim and contour your abdomen so that you feel comfortable showing some skin, whether at the beach, pool, or during more intimate times with your partner. 

For a tummy tuck, Dr. Boll will make an incision across your torso, just above your pubic area. Depending on the extent of correction needed, this incision may only be a few inches (for a mini tummy tuck), or it may stretch from hip to hip. Liposuction may be used to remove any stubborn fat in the abdomen. Next, Dr. Boll will tighten your abdominal muscles with the use of internal sutures. Doing so helps to strengthen your core and achieve the trim midsection of your dreams.

4.  Eyelid Surgery 

Eyelid surgery was the second most performed cosmetic surgical procedure in 2020, which goes to show just how trusted and popular this surgery is for men and women. 

As we age, fat and excess skin accumulates in various areas of our bodies, and the eyelid is one of the areas that show these effects of age the most. Whether it be droopy upper eyelids (which can either be aesthetically unsightly or can actually impair your vision) or puffiness and bags under the lower eyes, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can help you achieve a more youthful facial appearance.

You can choose to undergo upper blepharoplasty (which addresses sagging skin in the upper eyelid), lower blepharoplasty (which corrects sagging skin on the lower eyelid and general puffiness in the area), or a combination of both procedures. 

For upper blepharoplasty, the incision will be made in the natural crease of the eyelid, whereas the incision for lower blepharoplasty will be made just beneath the lower eyelashes or within the eyelid itself. After the incision is made, tissue, muscle, and fat will be removed and/or repositioned, and excess skin will be surgically removed to help you achieve a more natural appearance to the eyes.

5. Facelift

When men and women think of facial plastic surgery, a facelift tends to be the procedure that immediately comes to mind. Age, lifestyle, or life events can cause men and women to develop wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin on their faces. 

Facelift surgery addresses these concerns on the lower two-thirds of the face to help you achieve a more youthful and natural facial aesthetic

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort or pain. Once the anesthesia is administered, Dr. Boll will make the incisions. These incisions generally are on the sides of your face, near the temples and will continue down the profile of your face, ending in the lower scalp area. Tissue will be manipulated and repositioned, and excess skin will be excised. Finally, the remaining skin will be pulled tight before the incisions are closed to give you the facial appearance that helps you look as young and energized as you feel.

Which Procedure Is Best for Me?

If you are wondering which procedures can best help you achieve the look and feel you desire for the new year, the first and best step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Boll. At your consultation, you will be able to discuss your aesthetic concerns, and Dr. Boll will evaluate your condition to help determine which procedure(s) is best for you. 

The first step to a new and improved you is just a phone call away. Don’t put it off any longer!

Want to Learn More About Surgical Body Contouring in Phoenix, AZ

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