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Breast Implant Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Breast implant removal removes damaged or unwanted implants. While this may seem like a simple procedure, it involves remodeling natural breast tissue and skin while maintaining the ideal areola and nipple position. Because breast implant removal and restoration of the natural breast is somewhat complex, it’s best performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Boll is a highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon performing various cosmetic breast surgeries in Phoenix, Arizona, including breast implant removal.

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Why Do Women Have Their Breast Implants Removed?

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How Is Breast Implant Removal Performed?

During your consultation, Dr. Boll will listen to your concerns and why you want your implants removed. After examining your breasts, she’ll explain the removal process and how she will recontour your natural breast tissue after removing the implants.

Dr. Boll will create a customized surgical treatment plan to remove your breast implants while recreating the cosmetically appealing natural breasts. Your breast removal procedure may include a breast lift if removing your implants causes loose breast skin.

Breast implant removal is typically performed under general anesthesia, and Dr. Boll will often remove the implants through the same incisions used during your breast augmentation surgery.

If you’ve experienced capsular contracture, Dr. Boll will perform a capsulectomy to remove fibrous scar tissue and resolve this painful complication.

What to Expect After Breast Implant Removal


How Long Does Breast Implant Removal Recovery Take?

You’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions on changing your bandages and cleaning incision sites. You will also be asked to avoid bathing or submerging yourself in water; however, you can shower the day after your procedure.

Expect to feel some discomfort for the first few days following surgery. Take your prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication as directed and use a cold compress for relief. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.

While resting after your procedure is important, taking short walks around the house is advised. Avoid lifting, stretching, and any strenuous activities until cleared to do so by Dr. Boll.

Bruising lasts about two weeks, and swelling should subside significantly by the third week, with some minor swelling persisting for a couple of months.

You can often return to a non-physically demanding job within the first week or two. Following Dr. Boll’s instructions are essential to minimize your risk of infection and other serious complications.


Does Breast Implant Removal Cause Additional Scarring?

In most cases, Dr. Boll reuses the incisions made during your breast augmentation to prevent or reduce additional scarring. Sometimes, an additional incision will be necessary, especially if a breast lift is required.

Even if another incision is required, Dr. Boll uses advanced suturing techniques to minimize scarring. When incisions are properly cared for, breast surgery scars usually fade and blend nicely with the surrounding breast skin.


How Will My Breast Implant Removal Results Look?

The final results of your breast implant removal surgery will take some time. Do not be discouraged by the initial appearance of your breasts, as bruising and swelling will make them appear less than desirable. It will take about six weeks for all the bruising and swelling to subside, and your scars will fade over time.

If breast implant complications were the reason for implant removal, recovery might take a little longer. Following Dr. Boll’s instructions and caring for your incisions will help you achieve ideal results.

"I really like Dr. Boll.

She is very understanding and spends all the time you need to explain everything to you. I needed to replace my implants and she went over all my options. I had such a great experience that I went back for an eye lift."

Breast Implant Removal FAQ

How much does implant removal surgery cost in Phoenix?

The cost of implant removal surgery depends on the reason for removal, the extent of recontouring needed, additional procedures like a breast lift, and other factors.

Dr. Boll and her team provide accurate breast removal cost estimates at the end of your consultation and offer financing plans to help make your cosmetic surgery costs manageable.

Will my breasts sag if I remove my breast implants?

If you’ve only had breast implants for a short time, you may not experience breast sagging after removing them. However, when breast tissue and skin are stretched out by implants, including a breast lift with your implant removal surgery is advised to prevent sagging and maintain a firm and perky bustline.

How long does it take to remove breast implants?

The procedure usually takes one to three hours, with cases involving ruptured implants or capsular contracture taking longer. After your surgery, you’ll rest for up to three hours to allow the anesthesia to wear off before Dr. Boll checks in with you.

How Can I Schedule Breast Implant Removal in Phoenix, AZ?

Contact Dr. Jennifer Boll in Tempe, Arizona, for a breast removal consultation by calling (480) 833-5200.One of our helpful and friendly team members will be happy to set up your appointment and answer any questions you have.

Dr. Boll is a double board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments and advanced plastic surgery procedures, including breast implant removal, in Phoenix and surrounding areas.