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Breast Implant Exchange in Phoenix, AZ

Breast implant exchange is a type of breast implant revision surgery performed for women who are unhappy with their current implants for aesthetic or comfort-related reasons but still desire augmented breasts. This secondary breast surgery removes damaged or unwanted implants and replaces them with new ones.

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What Are the Reasons for Breast Implant Revision/Exchange?

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How Is a Breast Implant Exchange Performed?

Breast revision or implant exchange always starts with an in-depth consultation where Dr. Boll takes the time to understand your concerns and goals. All your options will be explained, and Dr. Boll will recommend the technique that best meets your needs.

Dr. Boll will create a surgical treatment plan to correct breast implant concerns. Your breast revision procedure may include exchanging your breast implants for a different size or material, treatment for a complication, placing them differently (either above or below the pectoral muscles), a breast lift, or a combination of these techniques.

Breast revision is performed under general anesthesia. In most cases, Dr. Boll will try to use the same incision type as your previous breast augmentation surgery to prevent or reduce additional scarring. Sometimes, a different incision may be necessary, especially if a much larger implant is being placed.

After addressing any complications, Dr. Boll will place your new implants according to your custom treatment plan. She may reshape your natural breast tissue or include a breast lift.

What to Expect After Breast Implant Exchange


How Long Does Breast Revision Recovery Take?

After your revision, you can expect some bruising, swelling, itching, and tightness, as well as numbness and tingling. Patients typically return to work or their regular daily routine (if not physically demanding) one to two weeks after breast implant revision or exchange surgery.

You should avoid strenuous activities for three weeks or until cleared to resume by Dr. Boll. Bruising often lasts about two weeks, and swelling will subside considerably by the third week, though some minor swelling may persist for up to two months or more.


Does Breast Revision Cause Additional Scarring?

Dr. Boll does her best to make the new incisions in the same place as your previous breast surgery to reduce or eliminate additional scarring. However, when choosing larger implants or including a breast lift, an additional incision is likely necessary.

Either way, Dr. Boll uses incision and suturing techniques that minimize your scars and make them less visible. Breast surgery scars fade nicely and blend in with the surrounding skin.


When Will I See My Breast Revision Results?

The final results of your breast implant exchange or revision surgery will initially be masked by bruising and swelling. It will take about six weeks for all the swelling to resolve, and your breasts will feel softer and more natural. However, your breast implant exchange results will not be final until the implants “settle” or “drop,” which can take about four months.

When breast implant complications are involved, recovery may last a bit longer. In some cases, final results can take six to 12 months, so it’s essential to give your breast implants time to fully establish their ultimate position and shape.

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She is very understanding and spends all the time you need to explain everything to you. I needed to replace my implants and she went over all my options. I had such a great experience that I went back for an eye lift."
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Breast Revision/Implant Exchange Surgery FAQ

How much will my implant exchange/breast implant revision surgery cost in Phoenix?

The cost of your implant exchange or breast implant revision will vary depending on the reason for your surgery, the extent of correction required, techniques used, additional procedures or treatments, and many other factors.

Dr. Boll will provide an accurate breast revision cost estimate following your consultation. She offers financing plans to help make the cost of cosmetic surgery more manageable.

When do I have to replace my breast implants?

Many women believe they must exchange their breast implants after 10 years, and while this is the average number of years breast implants last, it is only an estimate. Your implants may last much longer, or you may need to replace them sooner if a complication arises.

Mothers who received their implants before their final pregnancy often choose to replace them when they’ve completed their families.

Will my breasts sag if I choose a smaller implant for my breast revision?

Including a breast lift is often advised when switching to a smaller breast implant to prevent sagging and help keep them looking firm and perky for longer.

Does breast implant revision or exchange require two separate surgeries?

Usually, old breast implants can be removed and new implants placed during the same surgery, even when complications are involved. However, some cases may require separate surgeries, such as infection, or when tissue expanders are needed to accommodate larger implants.

What happens if I remove my implants and don’t replace them?

Depending on the size of your implants and how long you’ve had them, if removed, you may need a breast lift to ensure your natural breasts are well-positioned and firm. Otherwise, breast sagging is likely.

How Can I Schedule Breast Implant Revision in Phoenix, AZ?

The first step is contacting Dr. Jennifer Boll’s Tempe, Arizona, office for a breast revision consultation by calling (480) 833-5200. A friendly and helpful member of our staff will be happy to set up your appointment.

Dr. Boll is a double board-certified plastic surgeon serving patients seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery, including breast revision, in the greater Phoenix area and beyond.