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Posted December 17, 2018 in Massage Therapy

Although massage therapy has begun to weave its way into mainstream treatments for physical pain and sports injuries, it can offer much more. From headaches to emotional disorders, massage therapy can help renew your body and mind through relaxation. Massage therapy is the practice of rubbing and kneading the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve tension. By setting some time aside for regular massage therapy, you are enhancing both your emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Relieves Stress

Stress is a significant part of most of our lives and, unfortunately, is impossible to escape completely. From long hours at the office, deadlines, and less-than-ideal co-workers, to family troubles, traffic, and everything in between, stress is everywhere. When you experience stress, your immune system is weakened, making you more susceptible to illness and injury, and your cortisol levels rise, contributing to ailments like high blood pressure, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, mood swings, depression, and weight gain. Massage therapy, including stretch therapy, reduces cortisol levels by easing tension. Your sleep and mood will improve, and you will experience a lasting feeling of relaxation.

Reduces Anxiety

The damage caused by anxiety has become more recognized and understood in recent years. Anxiety can cause a number of side effects, including accelerated heart rate, shortness of breath, chest pain, and excessive sweating. Massage therapy helps reduce anxiety by eliciting a sense of calm and relaxation. Massage reduces emotional and physical tension, lowers heart rate, and allows for an internal feeling of peace.

Soothes Headaches

Many people suffer from debilitating headaches. While headaches can have many causes, they are always unwanted. Massage therapy, such as cranial sacral therapy, uses gentle touch to soothe headaches and restore comfort.

Eases Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, including arthritis and back pain, can also benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapy eliminates muscle tension, calms nerves, increases flexibility, and reduces stiffness by restoring and improving circulation. When blood flow is increased, your muscles and joints can take in more oxygen and nutrients, allowing them to heal quicker and allowing your body to feel better as a whole. Massage therapies such as reflexology benefit chronic pain by focusing on the pressure points of the hands and feet. These pressure points are connected to various regions of the body and stimulation with massage can restore comfort and health.


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