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Posted December 06, 2018 in Botox, Liposuction, Neck Lift

When you are younger, you are taught the importance of protecting your face from the sun, using moisturizers, and removing makeup and debris on a regular basis. While many people are diligent about facial skin care, there is often one area that is forgotten about: the neck. Unfortunately, the neck ages at the same rate as the face, and unlike the face, does not always receive the same level of attention. When this occurs, a disconnect between the aging of the face and the neck becomes noticeable. This disconnect not only makes you look older than you are but leads to an out-of-balance and out-of-harmony facial appearance. If neck aging has already become a difficulty for you, stop worrying about hiding your neck under layers of clothing. There are many techniques to restoring a youthful neck that will not only match the quality of your face but enhance it.

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1. Neck Lift

A surgical neck lift is performed for patients with a significant degree of vertical banding and visible aging on the neck. This procedure, which is often combined with a facelift, helps patients by removing unwanted skin and fat and tightening the underlying muscles. While a neck lift is the most invasive of the neck procedures, it can attain the highest degree of correction.

2. Liposuction

Unfortunately, some men and women are plagued by the presence of a double chin. Even patients with little to no excess fat elsewhere can have a pocket of unwanted fat under the chin and on the neck. For patients who suffer insecurities from this excess, liposuction can remove fat deposits from underneath the chin to reveal a smoother, more slender neckline.

3. BOTOX® Cosmetic

For patients interested in a non-surgical approach to restoring the youthful appearance of the neck, BOTOX® Cosmetic can be that answer. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a temporary injectable that reduces lines and wrinkles along the neck, resulting in a smoother, tighter neck contour. BOTOX® Cosmetic injections work by immobilizing small muscles in the neck so that wrinkles cannot form or retain their shape. When this occurs, the skin relaxes, and the neck smoothes out.


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