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Posted February 01, 2019 in Breast Augmentation

Going bra shopping after having breast augmentation is an exciting experience for many women. However, before you jump into the dressing room, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your new breasts.

Don’t Rush

Even though you will feel physically recovered after one to two weeks, your body still needs time to heal internally. Breast augmentation has a recovery period of three to six weeks in which you will rely on the structure and support of surgical and sports bras. Wearing these bras will help the healing process by reducing swelling and keeping your new breasts supported so that they settle into place correctly. You will want to avoid underwire or push-up bras during these first few weeks as the wire can irritate your incisions, and incision irritation can result in an extended recovery, more noticeable scars, or post-operative complications. Most women can return to an underwire or push-up bra after six weeks. Initially, you will want to switch back to underwire bras slowly, listening to your body every step of the way. If you feel any discomfort or sensitivity of the tissues, you may need additional time to heal.

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Your Breast Size May Alter Initially

Most women start to get an idea of their final breast size after six weeks. Unfortunately, lingering swelling causes some breasts to alter and fluctuate for up to six months. Instead of purchasing a collection of expensive bras and lingerie all at once, rebuild your closet slowly. Purchase two or three items at a time and pay attention to how they fit and how comfortable they are over the following months.

Support Is Your Best Friend

For women who choose breast augmentation to enhance naturally small breasts, the idea of a supportive bra might be new to you. All breasts, no matter their size, need to be well supported, and this importance only increases with larger implants. By focusing on support, you can ensure that your implants will maintain their shape and help keep breast sagging at bay.

Try Something New

Once you have healed and your breasts have stabilized, the fun part begins. The increase in your breast size and shape allows you to try on bra styles and designs that may have been out of reach before. Now is the time to enjoy the process and the confidence that your new breasts will bring.


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