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Non-Surgical Procedures

Dr. Jennifer Boll offers non-surgical cosmetic treatments to redefine, rejuvenate, and enhance her patient’s appearances with precise care.Dr. Jennifer Boll is a board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the needs of today’s cosmetic patients are diverse and require comprehensive solutions. Non-surgical procedures provide trusted results accessible to most patients for their less invasive measures, trusted results, and minimal downtimes. No matter if age, weight fluctuations, or childbirth has changed your appearance, there are multiple operations provided by our location that solve these cosmetic issues and further beautify your natural appearance. Nearly every option can be personally tailored or combined to aid the specific needs of each patient. During your consultation, Dr. Boll and her team of specialists will discuss which options will best fulfill your desires and improve the quality of your life.

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Dermal Fillers and Injectables

Dermal fillers and injectables offer non-surgical solutions to facial volume, contour, and definition. With a wide selection of dermal fillers, patients are sure to find a treatment plan perfectly designed to suit their needs. Our location offers three main families of dermal filler products with more than six different individual dermal fillers to choose from. Dermal fillers are most suitable for patients who are not quite ready for the commitment required for surgical procedures or wish to maintain their skin’s health and youthfulness after previous procedures.

Taking just under an hour to complete with minimal downtime that allows patients to return to their daily activities, dermal fillers offer the perfect blend of convenience and trusted results. Many dermal fillers also use hyaluronic acid, which imitates natural compounds found in the human body that produce collagen. When injected, these fillers help to hydrate and replenish the skin for a healthy and youthful appearance.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic acts as a muscle relaxer to stop the muscle contractions that cause creases in the forehead, brow area, and crow’s feet. BOTOX® Cosmetic is perfect for patients looking for a non-surgical treatment to slow or stop the noticeable progression of aging. This treat can also be used to lift the tip of the nose (by injecting the product into the nasalis muscle), soften the angle of the jaw, reduce neck banding (by injecting the product into the platysmal bands), and lift the upper lip. After your treatment, you will be able to form expressions that look more natural and flattering to your characteristics. A bonus to BOTOX® Cosmetic’s groundbreaking cosmetic applications is its ability to get rid of migraines. This is because the neuromodulators found in BOTOX® Cosmetic were initially designed to treat headaches.

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ThermiTight® uses cutting-edge radiofrequency technology to target fat and tighten skin. With a well-controlled cannula probe, your specialist will make precise corrections underneath the skin without any noticeable damage or wear on the skin’s quality. This is made possible by ThermiTight®’s advanced heating system that breaks down fat deposits after reaching controlled temperatures deep beneath the skin. ThermiTight® works on multiple areas of the body, including the face, neck, upper arms, abdomen, and knees. If you are in good health and have realistic expectations, ThermiTight® is useful. After just a month, the collagen in your skin will revitalize itself, and the quality of your skin will be strengthened.

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ThermiSmooth® injectable


ThermiSmooth® is a sister procedure to ThermiTight® and is one of the newest advancements in skin-tightening technology. Using radiofrequency technology, the tissue in the forehead, face, cheeks, and mouth can be contoured and tightened. Patients can think of ThermiSmooth® as a more specialized version of ThermiTight®, specifically optimized for the face. ThermiSmooth®’s heating system uses controlled temperatures to “shrink” the fatty pockets of skin around the face for a tighter, youthful, and more defined appearance.

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ThermiVa® uses the same groundbreaking technology as ThermiSmooth® and ThermiTight® but with an application that most benefits female rejuvenation of the vulva. ThermiVa® can also tighten the inner vagina, improving not just the external features of the vagina like relieving the irritation caused by large labia, but internal features as well. ThermiVa® can improve the feelings and sensations of intercourse, improve moisture balance, and even relieve urinary leakage concerns. If you are a woman who desires to enhance your health and sexual confidence, you may be a candidate for ThermiVa®.

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