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Face Procedures

Dr. Jennifer Boll has spent years mastering cosmetic and reconstructive approaches to facial plastic surgery. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon with vast experience and training from pioneers in the plastic surgery industry, Dr. Boll always strives to provide her patients with the most effective and innovative facial procedures to enhance their natural beauty.
Dr. Boll is happy to offer these procedures at her Phoenix location, with patient-oriented care that uniquely addresses facial aesthetic concerns. Along with the non-surgical treatments, body contouring surgeries, and breast surgeries she provides, Dr. Boll offers the following facial plastic surgery procedures.

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facelift featured face model


A facelift (rhytidectomy) tightens and elevates underlying soft tissue and musculature to restore a firmer facial structure for patients with moderate to severe sagging. Excess skin can also be removed to leave behind smooth and tight skin. A mini facelift may be suitable for patients who want a less invasive solution to mild sagging in the cheeks and jowls. However, standard facelift results are much more noticeable than those of a mini facelift. A mini facelift is also ideal for patients who have already undergone a facelift and are looking to renew their previous results.

Facelift surgery provides a long-lasting solution for reducing the signs of aging and restoring a youthful appearance. Additional techniques can be used in combination with a facelift to rejuvenate the neck by tightening the underlying soft tissue and musculature. Excess skin and fat can also be removed to sculpt and refine the definition in the neck.

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Brow Lift

A brow lift (forehead lift) is designed to minimize some of the visible effects of aging in the upper face, such as forehead furrows, drooping eyebrows, and frown lines. Ideal candidates for a brow lift include patients who wish to restore a smoother, tighter appearance to the forehead while refining the eyebrows’ shape and curvature. As a component of the brow lift, excess skin is removed from the forehead, and the remaining forehead tissue can be lifted to a higher position to raise the brows. These elements of a brow lift can restore balance and natural beauty to a patient’s face and eliminate hooding of the eyes from drooping brows.

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earlobe repair featured face model

Earlobe Repair

The earlobe repair procedure is suitable for patients who have developed a loss of elasticity in the earlobe or excess skin caused by heavy jewelry or gauges. Earlobe repair is also ideal for patients who have experienced complete or partial tears of the earlobe due to dramatic earlobe gauging or ear trauma. Dr. Boll will use well-established techniques that are personalized according to each patient’s needs and designed to preserve the integrity of the earlobe structure.

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eyelid surgery featured face model

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes excess fat and skin from the upper and lower eyelids. Patients who undergo eyelid surgery can remove the “bags” surrounding the eyes for a more youthful and energetic appearance. Aging in the eyelids can also cause patients to look tired and worn to others, which is often different than how they feel. Aging can cause eyelids to worsen to the point where they start to block the line of sight and cause a functional change to the quality of a patient’s life.

Eyelid surgery creates incisions in the upper eyelids’ creases and/or beneath the lower lash line. Then, the eyelid muscles are repositioned and tightened for a more youthful appearance. Any excess skin tissue and fat can also be removed.

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fat transfer featured face model

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer (fat grafting) can restore volume and smoothness to enhance facial contours for a more youthful appearance. Patients who experience thinning skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and hollows on the face can benefit from fat transfer treatments. This procedure involves the use of liposuction techniques to remove pockets of localized fat from the body, and the fat is then purified and injected into areas around the mouth, nose, and eyes. For patients looking for a less invasive alternative to a facelift, fat transfer may be an effective option for addressing these specific concerns.

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neck contouring featured face model

Neck Contouring and Liposuction

Neck contouring and liposuction is the use of one or more surgical solutions to comprehensively correct signs of aging in the neck area. The factors responsible for cosmetic issues in the neck are usually large fat deposits, excessively loose skin, and muscle banding.

Dr. Boll will examine the patient’s cosmetic needs and the factors responsible for their concerns to determine the surgical solutions that are most appropriate. Neck contouring can include the use of liposuction, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, or neck lift techniques. Liposuction can reduce the neck’s fatty deposits, revealing smooth contours and a lean silhouette. BOTOX® Cosmetic may be applied to improve the appearance of banding muscle and loose skin in the neck. A neck lift will be advised if the banding is dramatic or there is a severe amount of loose skin present.

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Ear surgery (otoplasty) is a procedure designed to correct ear deformities or congenital ear abnormalities. Ears that overly project or lack normal folds and proportions can be emotionally discouraging and physically unflattering. To pin the ears back, remove enlarged cartilage, or suture newly created cartilage, otoplasty includes carefully made incisions on the back of the ear. During your consultation, Dr. Boll will evaluate the condition of your ears to develop personalized solutions for your needs.

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